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Our Story

Everyone has a great idea. The idea for Spider Tarp was born from the regular weekend frustration of untangling and fitting cargo nets over garden waste destined for the tip. There had to be a quicker and easier way! So, what if you took an off-the-shelf tarp, attached eight elastic cords, and fitted an adjustable hook to each cord, allowing them to be individually tightened?

Our Story
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In 2012 this idea became a reality with the registration of Spider Tarp Pty Ltd and the successful application for an Australian Innovation Patent. The Spider Tarp business name and internationally registered and distinctive logo were inspired by the eight attachment cords resembling a spider’s legs.

Spider Tarp wasn’t the only interest of its inventor, founder and Managing Director, Graeme Breen. Graeme enjoyed a rewarding and successful 20 year career in the Australian Army as an engineering officer. He specialised in rotary wing aviation and subsequently moved into the private sector working in senior positions for some of the world’s largest aerospace companies. Spider Tarp fitted into his busy schedule with the incremental development of products and markets as time permitted.

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In 2014 came another light bulb moment! The adjustable hook’s ‘V’ shaped slot that grips the cord was replaced by a rounded notch, a technique commonly used in the aviation industry to reduce stress and prevent the propagation of hairline cracks. This novel method of retaining an elastic cord, allowing it to pass through the hook in one direction but not the other, was the foundation for the Spider-Lock™ hook used on all Spider Tarp products. Spider-Lock™ is now fully patented in Australia, the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy.

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Eager to understand the potential of the business, in 2017 and 2018 Spider Tarp took part in the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the world's leading automotive trade event that brings together manufacturers and buyers in every segment of the automotive industry.

Based on the award of five Global Media Awards recognising innovative new products and positive business and customer feedback, Spider Tarp introduced a range of Pickup Truck covers and adjustable Spider-Cords™ to the US market.

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Spider Tarp’s vision in 2012 was to follow a different path than other manufacturers to produce a unique range of functional, value for money covers and elastic restraints. That vision hasn’t changed. Whether you are a householder, weekend gardener, 4WD enthusiast, tradesperson or one of the many other countless people who use bungee cords and load covers, we stand behind our ever-expanding range of products designed to make your life a little easier.

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