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Spider Tarp

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions? No worries, we have the answers...

    Are your covers designed for specific vehicles and trailers?

    Our premium-quality covers are designed for general vehicle and trailer types rather than specific make or model.

    None of your standard size covers suit my specific needs. Are there other options?

    We understand that you may have unique load covering requirements. You can enjoy the many benefits of the Spider-Lock™ attachment system by purchasing a generic tarp and a number of Spider-Cords with Carabiner (SCC100BR-1). Simply attach the carabiners to either the tarp eyelets or D-Rings to create your own Spider cover, though ensure you have enough Spider-Cords™ to properly secure the cover this place.

    Are your covers waterproof?

    All our PE and solid PVC covers are waterproof. Our pickup truck covers are designed to drape on the inside of the tub, so you may need to lift the load off the bottom of the floor in rainy weather. This prevents contact with any pooling water.

    Are Spider covers and cords suitable for securing heavy loads?

    Our range of covers and adjustable bungee cords are designed to quickly and easily cover loads and secure items. As they aren’t load rated you should, therefore, carefully assess your specific conditions and load covering requirements to determine if load restraints are needed.

    Are your products covered by warranty?

    We stand behind all our products and offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against faults. While we take every care to ensure that you receive the best quality product, if for any reason you have a problem, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to rectify your issue as quickly as possible.

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