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Cover your Ute, Truck or Trailer with Spider Tarp

Spider Tarp is an Australian company that designs and manufactures unique adjustable bungee cords and premium vehicle load covers.

Spider Tarp was born from the frustration of using traditional cargo nets that tangle and snag. We saw the need for a quick, simple and safe attachment system that anyone can easily use.

The key to our products’ unmatched functionality and versatility is the Spider-Lock™ hook that provides fast and easy to use adjustable elastic cord restraint. There are no ropes to tie, buckles to adjust, or bulky ratchets.

Whether you are a householder, weekend gardener, 4WD enthusiast, tradesperson or one of the many other countless people who use bungee cords and load covers, we stand behind our ever-expanding range of products designed to make your life a little easier.

If you need to cover high and uneven loads on your ute, truck or trailer, or need a short or long bungee cord for an unusual or difficult application, Spider Tarp products make the job a breeze.

You won’t find any other load cover or restraint solution like this on the market. Adjust, lock and go!

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Our Products

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Our Hook Technology

All Spider Tarp products use the internationally patented Spider-Lock™ hook system – the world’s fastest and easiest to use adjustable elastic cord restraint.

Simply slide the Spider-Lock™ hook to the desired length and pull the bungee cord up to lock the hook into position. A positive ‘click’ confirms that the hook is secured. There is no need to release the hook to increase tension – just pull on the cord free end. Pull down on the cord to quickly release the hook for the next use. No other adjustable bungee cord is as quick or simple to use!

Spider-Lock™ hooks are constructed of nylon composite and are incredibly strong and rigid. The hooks have a 32mm (1.25”) opening to ensure that they can be attached to thick rails and a safe grip finger hole to allow secure handling under tension.

Our hooks are matched with latex core and premium nylon braid elastic cords which are up to 10x more abrasion resistant than typical bungee cords found on ‘hairnet’ covers and fixed length bungees. And of course, all our products are UV protected for long life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our cargo covers are designed for a general type of vehicle and trailer rather than a specific make or model. This means everyone can find a Spider Tarp cover to suit their vehicle!

Most tray backs are 1.86m (6’) in width with only minor variation. Our load covers are designed to hang down 15cm (6”) on either side of a standard width tray with a flat load. This allows sufficient overhang to easily position the cover plus room for the adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks and elastic attachment cords to attach to the side rails.

The standard tray length for a Dual Cab is 1.86m (6’) and 2.45m (8’) for a Single Cab, but the lengths can vary. Spider Tarp covers are designed for standard tray lengths, so they may be a little shorter or longer than your tray depending on the vehicle or tray manufacturer.

We understand that you may have unique cover requirements. You can have the benefits of the Spider-Lock™ attachment system by purchasing a generic tarp and a quantity of Spider-Cords™ with Carabiner. Just attach the carabiners to either the tarp eyelets or D Rings to create your own Spider cover making sure you have sufficient Spider-Cords™ to properly secure the cover.

All our PE and solid PVC covers are waterproof. As our Pickup Truck load covers are designed to drape on the inside of the tub, you may need to lift the load off the bottom of the floor to prevent contact with any pooling water.

If you are not concerned about water or dust ingress, or visibly hiding your load, Spider-Mesh™ has some unique benefits. While having great strength and durability, being an open weave means it drapes more easily over uneven loads and is far less prone to wind flap than solid covers.

We stand behind all our products and offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against faults. While we take every care to ensure that you receive the best quality product, if for any reason you have a problem, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to rectify your issue as quickly as possible.

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