Transporting goods and materials in trailers can be tricky, but trailer covers make it a lot easier. Hook straps for trailer covers help to secure both the cover and the load, ensuring your trailer is safe.

What are hook straps for trailer covers?

Hook straps are a type of tie-down or fastening strap that feature hooks on either end. 

Hook straps, also known as tarp straps, are commonly used in combination with tarp trailer covers to protect the load from the elements and keep it secure during transit, serving a big part in the backbone of trailer cover security. 

A simple but effective design, these straps provide an effective mechanism for attaching the cover to a trailer by creating an adjustable fastening system that keeps it firmly in place. By doing so, they help trailer covers stay in place, preventing flapping and tearing while travelling.

As well as preventing any damage to the trailer cover itself, by holding everything in place, the load is also more secure, helping to prevent trailer loads from shifting, falling off, or getting damaged.

How do hook straps work?

Hook straps need to be a balance of both flexibility and durability. A little bit of give is necessary to prevent them from snapping, but strength is needed to hold a trailer cover and everything else in place.

Because of this, hook straps for trailer covers are typically made of durable and flexible materials, such as rubber, polypropylene, or nylon, and come in various lengths and widths to accommodate different load sizes and types of vehicles. 

The hooks on either end of the strap can be attached to the vehicle frame or other secure points, while the strap itself is tightened to secure the load. 

How to use hook straps

While simple in design, hook straps are efficiently and securely fastening your loads. Here’s a basic guide on how to use them:

  1. Inspect the Strap: Before using any hook strap, always inspect it for signs of wear, damage, or fraying. It’s essential to ensure the strap is in good condition to maintain optimal safety.

  2. Position the Load: Make sure the item or cover you’re securing is positioned correctly. This ensures a snug fit once the strap is tightened.

  3. Hook One End: Start by attaching one end of the strap to a secure point on your vehicle, trailer, or item. This could be a designated loop, an eyelet, or any sturdy anchor point.

  4. Stretch and Secure: Pull the strap across the item or cover you’re securing. Ensure it’s taut, but not over-stretched, to avoid damaging the strap or the item.

  5. Hook the Other End: Attach the other end of the hook strap to another secure point, ensuring it maintains tension across the load.

  6. Check Tension: Press down slightly on the secured item or cover. There should be minimal movement, indicating that the hook strap is doing its job. If there’s too much slack, you might need to readjust the strap for a tighter fit.

  7. Safety First: Never overload or overstretch the strap beyond its capacity. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding weight limits and optimal usage conditions.

Types of hook straps for trailer covers

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Hook Strap

These are one of the most commonly used types of straps in Australia, especially when used to secure heavy loads. They feature a ratchet mechanism that allows users to tighten the strap to the desired tension, ensuring a secure hold.

Cam buckle straps

Cam Strap

Cam buckle straps are another popular option, featuring a cam-style buckle that allows you to easily adjust the tension of the strap. 

S-hook straps

S Strap

S-hook straps are a simple, cost-effective option that features hooks at either end of the strap. They are easy to use and ideal for quickly securing lighter loads.

Benefits of using hook straps for trailer covers

Increased security

Tarp straps help to keep the cover or tarp securely in place during transit, preventing it from shifting or coming loose and exposing the load to the elements.

Protection of the trailer and load

Using trailer covers with hook straps can help protect the load from weather, dust, and other elements that could damage it during transit.

Increased efficiency

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Improved safety

Tarp straps make it easier to secure the cover or tarp to the trailer, allowing you to load and unload faster and more efficiently.

Improved safety

By keeping the load secure during transit, tarp straps can help to prevent accidents and spills that could result in damage or injury.

How to choose the right hook straps for trailer covers

Load weight and size

The weight and size of both the trailer and the load will determine the type and size of the tarp strap that you need. Make sure to choose straps that are rated for the weight of your load to ensure that they can handle the load safely.

Type of trailer

Consider the type of trailer you will be using the tarp straps on. Some trailers have specific attachment points, so make sure to choose straps that are compatible with your trailer.

Material quality

Look for tarp straps that are made of high-quality, durable materials, such as heavy-duty rubber or polypropylene, to ensure that they can handle the weight of the load and withstand the elements during transit.

Length and width

Consider the length and width of the straps you need. Choose straps that are long enough to reach from one attachment point to another, but not so long that they will get tangled or become a tripping hazard.

Breaking strength

Breaking strength refers to the amount of weight the strap can hold before breaking. Make sure to choose straps with a breaking strength that is greater than the weight of the load to ensure maximum safety.

Not sure how to choose the hook straps and trailer covers?

Hook straps for trailer covers are essential for securing loads to trailers and preventing them from shifting, falling off, or getting damaged during transit. To figure out the right hook straps for trailer covers, consider the weight and size of the load, as well as your trailer, and then decide which material and size are most suitable for it.

Spider Tarp

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