Spider Covers™ For Trucks

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Spider Covers™ For Trucks

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truck tarp covers
truck tarp covers

Spider Covers™ for Trucks

Offering outstanding value for money

Delivering greater ease-of-use, durability and functionality than standard truck tarps and cargo net covers, and without the high cost of tonneau covers, Spider Tarp truck covers offer outstanding value for money.

Easily secured to attachment points without the tangling associated with elastic cargo net covers.
Features the patented Spider-Lock™ hook system which provides multiple attachment options and quick tensioning of the cover, even from the hardest attachment points to reach. No more inconvenience from poorly fitting generic tarps and bungee cords.

Spider-MeshTM Truck Tarp Dual Cab



A smart alternative to tangled cargo nets and expensive tonneaus on both single and dual cab styleside utes. 

  • Dimensions: 2.1m x 2.1m (6’10” x 6’10”) to suit minimum 1.5m x 1.5m (5’ x 5’) flat load tie down centres
  • 4 x abrasion-resistant 8mm diameter attachment cords with patented adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks
  • No-flap, UV-stabilised 350gsm, 1650Nm Spider-Mesh™ cover with 50mm outer and inner perimeter webbing

Fast, Simple & Cost-Effective

Spider Covers are easy to attach, simple to secure and a breeze to remove.

Features Abrasion-Resistant Cords

Featuring abrasion-resistant attachment cords with adjustable hooks.

Made From Premium Materials

Made to last, Spider Covers are made from strong, durable PVC or PE fabric.

Spider Tarp

See how easy it is to cover and secure your load.

Featuring Spider-Cord™ Technology

All of our Spider Covers feature abrasion-resistant nylon braid attachment cords with adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? No worries, we have the answers...

Are your covers made for specific vehicles and trailers?

Our covers are designed for a general type of vehicle and trailer rather than a specific make or model.

Will your covers fit my tray back ute?

Most tray backs are 1.86m (6’) in width with only minor variations.  Our ute and truck covers are designed to hang down 15cm (6”) on either side of a standard width tray with a flat load. This allows sufficient overhang, enabling you to easily position the cover and room for the adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks and elastic attachment cords to attach to the side rails. The standard tray length for a Dual Cab is 1.86m (6’) and 2.45m (8’) for a Single Cab, but the lengths can vary. Spider Tarp covers are designed for standard tray lengths, so they may be a little shorter or longer than your tray, depending on the vehicle or tray manufacturer.

How about my style side pickup truck?

Depending on the manufacturer, the load securing lugs on pickups can be located on the tub floor or wall. The attachment cords on our pickup covers are attached to each corner of an inner perimeter 50mm (2”) webbing with additional cover material to drape over the load within the tub. The inner webbing perimeter is sized so there’s sufficient distance between it and the sidewalls of most tubs. This is so the attachment cords can be easily tensioned for a flat load. We produce three sizes of pickup truck covers in the United States for Short Bed (1.67m or 5’6”), Standard Bed (1.98m or 6, 6”) and Long Bed (2.45m or 8’). In Australia, as most pickups are configured as a Dual Cab with Short Bed, our Spider-Mesh™ truck tarp (STTM2121B-1) is the ideal cover.

None of your standard sizes suit my needs. Is there another option?

We understand that you may have unique cover requirements. You can have the benefits of the Spider-Lock™ attachment system by purchasing a generic tarp and a quantity of Spider-Cords with Carabiner (SCC100BR-1). Just attach the carabiners to either the tarp eyelets or D-Rings to create your own Spider cover, making sure you have sufficient Spider-Cords™ to properly secure the cover.

How are the attachment cords connected to the cover?

All our 230gsm PE covers have reinforcement patches where the steel core-moulded highstrength plastic D-Ring webbing connects. This means the webbing securing our D-Rings is securely crossstitched and sandwiched between 6 layers of 230gsm PE material.

With our heavier 350gsm Spider Mesh and PVC solid covers, we securely crossstitch the D-Ring webbing. The webbing is then sandwiched between the 2 layers of cover material and 50mm (2”) wide perimeter heavyduty webbing.

We’ve never had an attachment cord D-Ring pull away from the cover.

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