Spider Covers™ For Trailers

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Spider Covers™ For Trailers

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covers for trailers
covers for trailers

Spider Covers™ for Trailers

Offering outstanding value for money

Premium-quality covers designed for high-loaded box and cage trailers, camping and general purpose use, the Spider™ small and medium trailer covers make covering your load easy. The heavy-duty waterproof mesh and PE covers are enhanced by the adjustable Spider-Lock™ Hook system which adds further functionality and strength.

Spider-MeshTM Fast Tarp Small Trailer



Easy-to-use and durable, this trailer mesh cover suits 6′ x 4′ box trailers and is ideal for both general purpose and trade use. 

  • Dimensions: 2.0m x 1.4m (6’6” x 4’6”)
  • 8 x abrasion-resistant 8mm diameter attachment cords with patented adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks — can be quickly tensioned while attached
  • No-flap, UV-stabilised 350gsm, 1650Nm PVC Spider-Mesh™ cover with strong 50mm perimeter webbing

SpiderTM Fast Tarp Medium Trailer



Suitable for high-loaded 6’ x 4’ box and cage trailers, 5’ x 7’ box trailers, camping, work and general-purpose use. 

  • Dimensions: 2.3m x 1.7m (7’6” x 5’6”)
  • 8 x abrasion-resistant 8mm diameter attachment cords with patented adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks — can be quickly tensioned while attached
  • Waterproof, UV-stabilised triple layer 230gsm PE cover with rope-reinforced hem and double layer welded edge

Fast, Simple & Cost-Effective

Spider Covers are easy to attach, simple to secure and a breeze to remove.

Features Abrasion-Resistant Cords

Featuring abrasion-resistant attachment cords with adjustable hooks.

Made From Premium Materials

Made to last, Spider Covers are made from strong, durable PVC or PE fabric.

Spider Tarp

See how easy it is to cover and secure your load.

Featuring Spider-Cord™ Technology

All of our Spider Covers feature abrasion-resistant nylon braid attachment cords with adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? No worries, we have the answers...

Do you make covers for specific vehicles and trailers?

Our heavy-duty covers are designed for general vehicle and trailer types rather than specific makes or models.

I have 6’ x 4’ box trailer. What are my choices?

We make two tarps for box trailers. If you routinely have flat loads, the 2.0m (6’6”) x 1.4m (4’6”) Spider-Mesh™ cover (SUTM2014B-1) will be best for you.  It has a small overhang to allow sufficient room for the elastic cords and Spider-Lock™ hooks to pick up on side rails or other attachment points on the trailer. You can also use this cover for higher loads but, for very high loads, you should consider the larger 2.3m x 1.7m solid PE cover (SFT2317B-1). This cover is also well-suited for covering 6’ x 4’ box trailers with a cage and standard 7’ x 5’ trailers.

None of your standard sizes suit my needs. Is there another option?

We understand that you may have unique cover requirements. You can have the benefits of the Spider-Lock™ attachment system by purchasing a generic tarp and a quantity of Spider-Cords with Carabiner (SCC100BR-1). Simply attach the carabiners to either the tarp eyelets or D-Rings to create your own Spider cover, making sure you have sufficient Spider-Cords™ to properly secure the cover.

Are the covers waterproof?

All our PE and solid PVC covers are waterproof. Our pickup truck covers are designed to drape on the inside of the tub, you may need to lift the load off the bottom of the floor. This prevents contact with any pooling water.

How are the attachment cords connected to the cover?

All our 230gsm PE covers have reinforcement patches where the steel core-moulded highstrength plastic D-Ring webbing connects. This means the webbing securing our D-Rings is securely crossstitched and sandwiched between 6 layers of 230gsm PE material.

We crossstitch the D-Ring webbing on our heavier 350gsm Spider Mesh and PVC solid covers. To provide outstanding strength, this is then sandwiched between the 2 layers of cover material and 50mm (2”) wide perimeter heavyduty webbing.

We’ve never had an attachment cord D-Ring pull away from the cover.

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