Spider Ute Tarp Dual Cab


The Spider Ute Tarp™ Dual Cab is suitable for covering dual cab ute trays and general-purpose use. Its multi-point attachment design provides countless securing options, making it the ideal ute tray cover solution for high and uneven loads. In comparison to alternatives such as cargo net covers and generic tarps for utes, the Spider Ute Tarp™ Dual Cab is faster to secure and remove, easier to attach with no frustrating tangling and less expensive than using combinations of comparable quality covers, bungee cords and ropes.


  • Dimensions: 1.86m x 2.15m (6’ x 7′)
  • 7 x abrasion-resistant 8mm diameter attachment cords with patented adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks — can be quickly tensioned while attached
  • 2 x additional forward stainless steel tie down rings for very high loads or semi-permanent cover position fixing
  • Waterproof, UV-stabilised triple layer waterproof 230gsm PE cover with rope-reinforced hem and double layer welded edge
  • Easy-grip hooks for safe handling
  • 30mm wide opening hooks for maximum versatility and attachment to thick side rails
  • Suitable for high and uneven loads — each attachment cord can be individually tensioned from 15cm to 100cm
  • Fast attachment, tangle-free, strong and durable

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Faster Attachment and Removal

The Spider Ute Tarp is designed to have multi-point attachments. This allows countless securing options, which is great for high and uneven loads. Paired with Spider-Lock™ hooks which enable each attachment cord to be quickly adjusted to the perfect length and tension, covering and uncovering uneven and high loads has never been easier or faster.

Long Life

The Spider Ute Tarp is made with high-quality, tough, UV stabilised, 230 GSM triple layer waterproof high-density PE fabric. This ensures maximum strength, durability and hassle-free use for years. Additionally, Spider Ute Tarp attachment cords are made from premium latex rubber covered in nylon braid. Nylon braid is up to 10 times more abrasion resistant than store-bought bungee cords which fray easily and fail to keep ute tray mesh covers and cargo covers securely in place, leaving you at risk of hefty fines.

Enhanced Safety

Spider-Lock™ hooks are designed to provide outstanding functionality and strength, keeping the ute tarp firmly in place and the load secured, even with loads far higher than normal domestic cargo nets and covers can manage. This makes for a safe, easy-to-use cover attachment solution that won’t let you down.

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