Spider-Mesh Truck Tarp Dual Cab


Suitable for single and dual cab style-side trucks, the Spider-Mesh™ Truck Tarp Dual Cab is a premium-quality truck cover that represents outstanding value when compared to expensive tonneaus.  A smart alternative to tangled cargo nets, it won’t let you down when you need to cover high and loose loads.

  • Dimensions:  2.1m x 2.1m (6’10” x 6’10”) to suit minimum 1.5m x 1.5m (5’ x 5’) flat load tie down centres
  • 4 x abrasion-resistant 8mm diameter attachment cords with patented adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks — can be quickly tensioned while attached
  • No-flap, UV-stabilised 350gsm, 1650Nm Spider-Mesh™ cover with 50mm outer and inner perimeter webbing
  • Easy-grip hooks for safe handling
  • 30mm wide opening hooks suitable for attaching to tub floor or sidewall anchor points
  • Suitable for high and uneven loads — each attachment cord can be individually tensioned from 15cm to 100cm
  • Fast attachment, tangle-free, strong and durable

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Faster Attachment and Removal

As the Spider-Mesh™ Truck Tarp’s patented multi-point attachment design provides countless securing options, it is the ideal truck box cover for attaching to the tray floor, sidewalls or rim of your truck. Once the Spider-Lock™ hooks, which enable each attachment cord to be quickly adjusted to the perfect length and tension, are attached, pull on the attachment cords to draw the cover down over the load on the back of your truck.

Minimum Wind Flap

Spider-Mesh™ conforms to the shape of the load and lets breeze pass through the cover.  This, combined with the 50mm wide heavy perimeter webbing of the Spider-Mesh™ Truck Tarp, significantly reduces cover wind flap.

Long Life

Made from premium latex rubber covered in nylon braid, Spider-Mesh™ Truck Tarp attachment cords deliver a strong and reliable performance every time. Nylon braid is up to 10 times more abrasion resistant than the braid on generic bungee cords and the best material to keep tarp covers for trucks secure, even when covering high or uneven loads. Paired with a high-quality, tough and UV stabilised Spider-Mesh™ cover, rated at 1650NM to ensure maximum strength and durability, it’s the ideal long-life cover solution for ute trays.

Enhanced Safety

Spider-Lock™ hooks are designed to provide outstanding functionality, strength and keep tarp covers for trucks secure. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon-fibre composite, they are able to withstand loads far higher than domestic cargo nets, covers and tarps can handle. This, together with an easy grip design for secure hook positioning and ease-of-use, contributes to safer product use.  

Spider Covers™ save you time and effort


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