Spider-Cord with Carabiner


Ideal for attachment to tarp D Rings and eyelets, the Spider-Cord™ with Carabiner is a tough, versatile variable length attachment solution suitable for automotive, marine, camping and general-purpose use. The Spider-Lock™ hooks can be easily engaged anywhere along the nylon braid elastic attachment cord, forming a variable length bungee cord that is always the right length for the application.

    • Length: Variable 17cm – 170cm stretched
    • Tough UV-stabilised, fibre-reinforced adjustable Spider-Lock™ hook — can be quickly tensioned while attached
    • Easy-grip hooks for safe handling
    • 30mm wide opening hooks for maximum versatility
    • Zinc base plate, corrosion-resistant metal carabiner
    • Heavy duty 8mm diameter premium grade latex rubber cord for long-lasting strength
    • Durable, nylon braid for superior abrasion resistance and long life
    • Many uses including semi-permanent attachment to tarp D-Rings and eyelets
    • Replaces multiple fixed length bungee cords

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The key to Spider-Cord™ versatility is the tough, wide opening, Spider-Lock™ hooks which are designed to securely attach to a broad range of attachment points. The Spider-Cord™ with Carabiner is suited to applications where a semi-permanent connection is required at one end, such as attachment to generic tarpaulins eyelets or D-Rings for camping or covering non-standard size vehicle loads or cargo. The carabiners can also be clipped together to double the length of the attachment cord for up to 3.4m stretched length. 

Adjustable Spider-Lock™ Hook System

Spider-Lock™ hooks are designed to provide outstanding functionality and strength. Constructed of nylon-fibre composite, they can withstand loads far higher than hooks normally found on domestic elastic cargo net covers and truck tarps.

Simply slide the Spider-Lock™ hook to the desired length and pull the cord up to lock the hook in position. The patent-pending Spider-Lock™ design gives a positive “click” to let you know that the hook is secured. Once the Spider-Lock™ hook is locked, just pull on the free end of the attachment cord, as necessary, to increase the tension.  

To release the Spider-Lock™ hook, pull down on the elastic cord. The Spider-Lock™ hook will disengage and can be quickly and easily repositioned for the next use.  This unique feature makes Spider-Cord™ the fastest, easiest to use and most versatile adjustable bungee cord on the market.

Nylon Braid Attachment Cord

Spider-Cord™ is made from premium latex rubber covered in nylon braid. Nylon braid is up to 10 times more abrasion resistant than braid on other bungee cords ensuring a long life in the harshest applications.

Super tough Spider-Cord™ is always the right length.

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