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Spider Tarp manufactures three categories of related products...

Spider-Lock™ Hooks

The patented tough, UV-stabilised, nylon composite Spider-Lock™ hooks can be quickly fixed at any point along an elastic cord and secured to a wide range of anchor points on utes, pickup trucks, trailers and more.

Spider-Lock™ hooks allow an elastic cord to be easily tensioned without having to remove the hook from its anchor point and are found exclusively on Spider-Cords™ and Spider-Covers™.


Spider-Cord™ is an adjustable bungee cord featuring tough, abrasion-resistant nylon braid and one or more Spider-Lock™ hooks.

No other adjustable bungee cord delivers the versatility, ease-of-use and speed of attachment.

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Spider-Cord™ is an adjustable bungee cord featuring tough, abrasion resistant nylon braid and one or more Spider-Lock™ hooks.

No other adjustable bungee cord delivers in terms of versatility, ease-of-use and speed of attachment.

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Patented Spider-Covers™ incorporate the unique Spider-Cord™ attachment system and are manufactured in either heavy duty PE, rugged PVC Spider-Mesh™ or trade tough PVC coated fabric.

These premium-quality cover solutions are purpose designed for applications including small and medium trailers, single and dual cab trays, and style side utes. Spider-Covers™ are the quickest and easiest way to cover a load on a truck, ute or trailer and are also ideal for camping, boat cover and general-purpose use.

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Fed up with snagging cargo nets?

Frustrated with the time it takes you to cover your trailer or ute? Fed up with tangling & snagging cargo net covers? Tired of trying to find the right length bungee cords?

Spider Tarp covers are a cost-effective, easy-to-use cover solution for trailers, single and dual utes and trucks. Featuring heavy-duty waterproof and breathable mesh covers and instantly adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks, you’ll never have to worry about tangled cargo net covers and open loads again. And our premium bungee cords are the quickest to adjust and most versatile on the market. Spider Tarp products offer outstanding value for money, being less expensive than purchasing a combination of equivalent quality covers, attachment cords and hooks.

Quick Application

Reduce the time it takes to cover your trailer or ute with our easy-to-use solutions.

No More Tangles

Eliminate the frustrations associated with tangling and snagging cargo net covers.

No Tying Necessary

Eliminate time wasted tying ropes and searching for the right length bungee cords.

Proudly Australian Designed

Look for the Spider brand — your guarantee of innovation, quality and functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Maybe the answer is here...

How are the attachment cords and cover connected?

We’ve never had an attachment cord D-Ring pull away from a Spider Cover.

To secure and reinforce the area where the steel core-moulded high-strength plastic D-Ring webbing connects to the cover, our 230gsm PE covers feature reinforcement patches. This ensures the webbing securing our D-Rings is strongly cross-stitched and fastened between 6 layers of 230gsm PE material.

With our heavier 350gsm Spider-Mesh™ and PVC solid covers, we cross-stitch the D-Ring webbing which is then sandwiched between the 50mm (2”) wide perimeter heavy-duty webbing and 2 layers of cover material.


Spider-Mesh™ offers many unique benefits if you’re not worried about dust, rain or hiding the contents of your truck, ute or trailer from view.

As they feature an open weave, Spider-Mesh™ covers are easier to drape around awkward or uneven loads, plus they’re less prone to wind flap than solid ute, truck or trailer covers. As with all Spider Covers, Spider-Mesh™ is strong, durable and made to last.


To deliver superior strength and durability, we make our Spider-Cords™ with nylon braid. Nylon braid is up to 10 x more abrasion-resistant than generic bungee cord braid.

This means Spider-Cords™ are well-suited to everyday use with Spider Covers and also last far longer than generic bungee cords.

Can I use Spider covers and cords to secure heavy loads?

Our Spider Covers and Cords are strong, durable and made to last but they aren’t load rated.

This means before driving with a heavy load, you should assess the requirements of the load and determine whether load restraints are needed.


Yes, all our products are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against faults.  

We’re confident that our products are of the highest quality and we take every care during the manufacturing and packaging process to ensure that our customers receive the best quality product.  

However, if there’s a problem with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do everything we can to rectify the issue.

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